Unconditional Love

„The awareness level of consciousness and the aware ego that accompanies it lead us to unconditional love. We will not arrive at unconditional love by trying to love unconditionally, for as soon as we TRY to love unconditionally, we disown major energy patterns – particularly our nonloving selves.

Whenever we TRY to love unconditionally, whenever we TRY to transmute energies,we are supporting a repressive psychic process. If we TRY to love unconditionally we are not embracing, honoring, and loving certain parts of ourselves. This is a paradox for the spiritually oriented person, who wants deeply and profoundly to change the world, and who feels at some deep level that love is the answer.In trying to love unconditionally, we are actually identifying with the heavenly God, trying to love humanity from above. When we learn to embrace all of our selves we will learn to honor, respect, and love humanity, both earthly and heavenly. Then, we can gradually learn to live our humanity and love humanity at one and the same time. (…)The evolution of consciousness, embracing all of our selves – these are the answers and love will naturally follow as we follow this process. The love that emerges with awareness is clear and requires no sacrifice of any part of ourselves. It is a love that incorporates heaven and earth, a love that incorporates all humanity.

We are talking here about a redefining of spirituality and surrender. The new view of spirituality is no longer simply an experience of transpersonal energies and the surrender to God. It is as yet another level the surrender to the process of transformation. It is the surrender to the process whereby we commit ourselves to becoming aware of and embracing all energy and learning how to dance with it in our lives.“ (Stone&Stone, Embracing Our Selves)

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